Rowntree’s Randoms Bangers & Mash

The rate of sale for Randoms was declining. New news and instant gratification was required to recapture the attention of cash-strapped teens and young adults who had started to abandon the brand.

What better way to inject a little innovation into the pack and the promotion than by introducing a brand new sweet into packs – the finding of which would deliver the buyer with a quick cash prize? ‘Find Bangers & Mash to win £500 Cash’ was born, with additional chances to win extra bags of sweets via a Facebook promotion to further spread the word.

The results? 72,000 new consumers tried Randoms for the first time, with a 23% sales uplift in stores where the promotion was featured on nearby 6 sheets.

Client: Rowntrees
CATEGORY: fmcg, confectionery, sweets