The convenience channel is retail’s Wild West – brands fighting for their fair share of limited space and indie operators a law unto themselves. How could Pringles find a way to hit paydirt when activating on small cans?

Client – Pringles
Campaign – Channel Marketing Strategic Framework




The Insight

Without a deep understanding of the channel, brands are in danger of throwing good money after bad. Just like prospecting for gold, a systematic understanding of the landscape and its pitfalls would be required to maximise effectiveness.

The Solution

A full audit of snacks within the sector to uncover a goldmine of actionable information, including NAM interviews, retailer questionnaires, in-store visual walk-throughs and a digest of competitor activity.

The Execution

Five areas covered to answer the following key questions:

i. Channels – how to work collaboratively with them to optimise relationships and maximise potential for success within each?

ii. Audience – why aren’t they supporting small cans and how we can make the product more relevant for stockists and more visible & attractive for consumers?

iii. Path to Purchase – what are the stocking / shopping behaviours, and the barriers / opportunities that exist within the path to purchase?

iv. Competitors – what are they and like-minded brands up to, what’s happening more widely in convenience, and what potential novel solutions we can devise?

v. Touchpoints – what are the best tools by to can target and educate both stockists and shoppers to get the cut through and uptake required?

The Results

A strategic framework was developed to act as the bedrock for all future activations, yielding a quarterly incentive program targeting wholesale, convenience retailers and impulse shoppers.