Christmas in Telco is more competitive than auditions for the part of Mary in a middle-class Nativity. How could we create an added-value promotion with near-universal appeal to boost activations at this critical trading period, for 70% less budget YOY?

Client – O2
Campaign – Added value promotion




The Insight

1 in 5 people plan to go to the cinema more over Christmas than across the rest of the year (rising to 2 in 5 amongst younger audiences). Given the demise of Orange and its Wednesdays, could this be the chance for O2 to step in and “own” movies?

The Solution

A strategic partnership with Popcorn Pass, a new-to-market members-only cinema partner offered deep discounts at over 200 cinemas across the UK. No specific days. No specific times. Just unrestricted access to up to 40% off the ticket price for O2 customers, their friends and their family.

The Execution

The reward values were tiered by transaction value, meaning  potential customers across handsets, SIM-only and Pay Monthly contracts could all be targeted. A whole playhouse of touchpoints, including digital 6 sheets, newspapers, programmatic, in-store and the voice channel, took the message to an eager audience.

The Results

– Engagement +306% yoy.
– Sales +25% yoy.
– Delivered 70% more cost effectively than the previous year’s campaign.