How do you capture female shoppers’ attention at the sanitary towel fixture when one in three are embarrassed to be there, the average dwell time is just six seconds and the market leader outspends you three to one?

Client – Bodyform
Campaign – Pink Ticket




The Insight

Bodyform is all about tackling shame and shaking up how sanpro is seen by its audience. So whilst discretion may be the watchword ordinarily, to be true to the brand we needed to find a cost-effective way to shout at shelf instead.

The Solution

Transform a routine purchase into an opportunity to escape the norm. Our impactful on-pack promotion promised the chance to be whisked away to New York on finding one of ten pink tickets seeded inside the pack.

The Execution

We designed the UK’s first ‘promotional stopper’ – a stand-out on-pack tab that revolutionised shelf-edge communication in the category by creating a brand-new free media channel. Eye-catching and foot-stopping, it secured a Gold POPAI award for turning those precious six seconds into real value for Bodyform.

The Results

– Grew value share by 11%.
– Delivered an 18% uplift in volume sales.
– Increased penetration by 13%.
– Created 300,000 new users with an incremental value of £1.3m.