Whitworths Appoint Blue Chip to Launch Bright Little Nuts

Whitworths, the UK’s leading supplier of high quality dried fruit and nut snacking products, has appointed Blue Chip to help launch its new ‘Bright Little Nuts’ brand. 

Bright Little Nuts is an exciting range of single serve nut packs created for children aged 5+, devised to offer a healthier, natural alternative snacking option for young kids.

Given the importance of peer recommendation in appealing to mums of this age range, Blue Chip have recruited a specially-trained team of mumbassadors to take the brand – literally – into places and spaces where they’re spending their time.

“Our peer-to-peer sampling strategy will see mums handing out samples at the school gates, at soft play centres and even at parks across the UK,’ says Senior Account Director Dawn Cain. “By engaging their fellow parents in authentic, face-to-face conversations using pre-agreed brand cues, we hope to build a degree of trust that just can’t be achieved via traditional mass media.”

Given the rise of food allergies amongst young children, this deeper engagement is also vital to ensure the recipients are appropriately educated, whilst also conveying the product’s endorsement from Public Health England, Allergy UK and the Children’s Food Trust.

“Having been on our ideal client list for some time, we’re delighted to finally be working with Whitworths” says Client Development Director Ian Morgan. “And as a father of two young children myself, I’m happy to add my testimonial to the list of satisfied consumers who’ll be spreading the word about Bright Little Nuts.”

Sample recipients will also be given a money-off coupon for their local supermarket to drive ongoing sales.

Keep an eye open for Bright Little Nuts in a store near you.