The winners and losers of Christmas 2018

As the 2018 festive season approached, we were bombarded with warnings to expect nothing but disappointment and despair in our retail stockings. Emerging from the worst November for retailers in the last three years – and on a foundation of diminishing consumer confidence, rising rents, and shoppers turning their back on highstreets – retailers braced themselves to work harder than ever before to draw shoppers through their doors.

And the result? ‘Christmas 2018 was the worst in a decade’, according to the Grinches at the British Retail Consortium, with flat sales throughout December and consumer spending seeing the lowest rate of growth since March 2016 (1.8% YOY, according to Barclaycard).

But it wasn’t ‘Bah Humbug’ for all on the High Street. Now that the turkeys have been roasted and Big Ben has chimed, we set out to discover who made the retail nice list and who was left with nothing but a lump of coal in their till.

Download our round up of the winners and losers of Christmas 2018 here