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Our team is full of personality, experience and creativity

Since people buy from people (a cliché, but no less true for that) you may want a bit more info on the main players here at Blue Chip.
Just don’t ask us how long it took to get pictures we were all happy with…

Nicky Thompson

The big boss, the Mama, the mother ship! Approachable as a lamb, fierce as a tiger. You'll love her, we do!

Ian Morgan

Been with Blue Chip since the 90's. Still has the same haircut to prove it.

Kathy Lye

The Queen of the agency. Takes no prisoners. Get's shit done.

Dawn Cain

90% jock. 10% Leopard print. 100% legend.

Martha Quarrie

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Michel Selbet

Speaks Welsh fluently. Can't count to 6 on one hand. Chester fan.
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