Award-Winning Star Trader Digital Platform Taken to Next Level

Despite having already taken the coveted title of O2’s most profitable acquisition channel, Blue Chip are always looking to push the boundaries of O2’s Star Trader platform.

In addition to the cash incentives for sim activations already at the heart of the programme, we wanted to create a seasonal promotion that tied into our audience’s passion points and really shook things up.Winning Innings Email

Using core insights from Google Analytics and other tracked Trader data, we were able to hone in on one particular area of focus – the world of cricket – that we knew would really boost engagement.

From this we created the concept of ‘Winning Innings’ – a battle royale between the Traders to see who could make the most runs within the promotional period and win the hugely desirable prize of a VIP experience day at The Oval itself.

The higher the value of the tariff activation, the more runs the Trader earns, with participants able to log on to the interactive digital platform to track their performance in the Winning Innings league table. The higher they climb, the closer they get to earning a prize.

“As successful as O2’s Star Trader continues to be, regular refreshes like this are vital to mix things up and keep everyone interested,” says Account manager Jayati Sareen. “By tapping into cricket, which research bears out is of huge cultural interest to our broad range of Traders, we get to inject the spirit of sporting competition into the scheme.”
The promotion is live until 14th May with more details available here.