Lauren & Yaz Graduate with MAAG Integrated Marketing Diplomas

Talented Blue Chippers Lauren Roberts and Yasmin Mensli have graduated with an Integrated Marketing Diploma through the newly formed MAAG (Marketing Agencies Action Group).

The six-month long course saw the girls attend a series of workshops and complete a range of assignments, all culminating in a challenging future-looking Walkers set brief that they had to present to the brand’s own marketing team.

“The course has provided us with unparalleled insight into what it takes to be an outstanding agency person of the future,” says Lauren. “Each workshop we attended showcased the best creative and strategic work from around the globe, teaching us how to develop campaigns that have a real impact on our clients’ business.”

Yasmin continues: “We also learned how to arrive at genuine consumers insights and apply these to guide and develop media neutral, through-the-line campaigns that generate results for brands. We’re looking forward to integrating this new-found knowledge into our daily working lives.”

The pair didn’t just have the weight of the course bearing down on their shoulders. As well as having to keep up the day job, their qualification was almost derailed when the Marketing Agencies Association, under whose auspices the course had been started, sadly went into administration.

It was thanks to the persistence of a team of individuals who rallied around in the wake of the news, that they are now proud graduates of the newly labelled MAAG Integrated Marketing Diploma.

Huge thanks go the following people:

  • Our MD Nicky Thompson for kick-starting the rescue plan
  • Training Consultant Fran Longford who ensured that past and current assignment marks were captured, worked with the course trainers to plug the gaps, helped judge the set brief and ensured everyone arrived at a final award that was representative of both quality and effort
  • Jackie Burns at Ignis who organised the graduation venue and chased all the delegates’ agencies for a financial contribution
  • James Willoughby of Initials who both provided the venue for the set brief responses, helped to judge alongside his client Walkers, and also juggled the presentation schedule.

Nicky Thompson concludes: ‘Staff training is hugely important to us as a business,’ she says. ‘Despite the bumps along the way, I know the girls are thankful to have been given the chance to deepen their knowledge and, were it possible, be even better account handlers than they were before.”