Chipper Ways to Keep Smiling

Our team have found some fun and interesting ways to keep themselves occupied and amused, whilst staying safe at home.

And as we head into the bank holiday weekend – normally filled with trips to the beach, BBQ’s and afternoon drinks – we thought we’d share in case they spark some ideas for you.

Retail Planner Sam is working from home with the ‘help’ of her little chiplets Matilda and Elliot. They’ve been making Disney pancakes, hosting birthdays for their pups Eve and Bowie and drawing chalk rainbows on their street.





Designer Mike has been doing a 5k run at the end of each working day, helping to maintain his usual exercise routine (and his shapely calf muscles!)

Junior Account Manager Abigail, has sent little gifts to her friends to help them get through tough times.

Between nurse work schedules, three babies under five and erratic sleeping patterns, they struggle to schedule Zoom chats, but she wanted to show how they are there for each other.

She said: “Selfishly, delivering them this little token to make them smile made me smile too, and got me out the house for a bit of exercise at the same time.”

Head of Planning Kim, along with partner Andrew daughter Matilda, have planted individual sunflower seeds for everyone they miss.

They’re going to grow them at home and give them as gifts when they see them next, to bring a little sunshine back into their lives.

“We’ve also sent life-size hugs in the post to our family,” she says. “They were loads of fun to make using old wrapping paper & it made everyone smile.”

Business Development Director Sal’s hubby pulled the old ‘come quick, the toilet has started to smoke’ routine for April Fool’s day.

Was anyone else caught out this year?

They’ve also had a camping weekend in their living room, complete with warm wine out of tin cups and absolutely no sleep whatsover. But at least seven-year-old son Edgar had a good time.


Account Manager Rebecca has been going bananas for banana bread making (and being very bossy in flour!) this week.

With her doctor other-half working hard to keep patients safe, we’re not sure how she’s managing to get through all the loaves she’s making.

At least when we’re all back in the office she can have perfected the recipe and can keep our ‘table of temptation’ fully stocked up.

And finally Managing Director Nicky Thompson has been learning Tai Chi, just like Helen Mirren in Calendar Girls. Only time will tell if this leads to her posing topless before a tray full of iced buns, but if it helps keeps spirits up, she’ll almost certainly give it a go.

So there you have it. A few ideas to try at home.

We’d love to hear yours if you have any to share.

With love from the BC team