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Our Latest TENA Promotion Empowers Women To Be Who They Want To Be

Have you seen our latest TENA on-pack promotion? Our bright pink stoppers are fixed to Discreet packs across major retailers, and shoppers are already really jumping at the chance to win their ‘I Will Be Me Moment’.

We worked with one of our key clients, leading bladder weakness brand TENA, on a campaign to empower and reward their female shoppers.

Featured on 2.5m packs of TENA Discreet and Discreet Extra, the promotion offers 122 lucky shoppers the chance to WIN £500 to spend on their own “I Will Be Me Moment”.

As everyone’s “moment” is likely to be different, ideas and suggestions are featured on-pack and listed on the supporting promotional microsite. Each moment is designed to help women embrace what makes them unique, a core part of TENA’s new brand positioning “I Will Be Me”.

We deployed our award winning and eye-catching promotional stopper format on every pack to stop and engage women as they walk down the aisle.

Online entry is via unique codes printed inside each stopper which instantly reveal if they have won an “I Will Be Me Moment”.

We timed the promotion to support TENA shoppers emerging from lockdown as research indicates ‘46% of female workers have said money concerns prompted by economic chaos have had a direct impact on their mental health’.

Rebecca Reid, Account Director stated, “The pandemic has put health and well-being back into the retailer consumer conversation and this presented opportunities to link sale driving campaigns with top line brand positioning via an added value on-pack promotion. We are thrilled to have worked with TENA on another exciting on-pack to motivate and engage their audience with empowering moments to encourage conversation”.

Look out for the TENA “I Will Be Me” packs on shelf now in most major retailers.

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