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How Working from Home is Working Out for Us Lot

So, we’re all hitting our stride with this home working malarkey, so we thought we’d cast out to some of our chippers to share the key tips that are keeping them productive during lockdown.

Here are our top picks.

Nicky (Managing Director)

Pro-tip for couples thrust into a home office environment. Get yourselves an imaginary co-worker to blame things on. In our house, someone keeps leaving their cups all over the place and they have no idea how to load the dishwasher correctly!

Ian (Client Services Director)

I start the day with a 5k. Exercise is really key, gives you a break away from your home, your work and keeps the blood flowing. I also have a spin bike in my dining room…

Ralph (Digital Project Director)

It’s really easy to slip into working longer and longer at home and, over time, that will start to drain you. Set an 8 hour timer on your phone when you start work, pause it when you take breaks and stop working when 8 hours is up. Simple!

Abi (Junior Account Manager)

I might sound obvious, but sitting near a window is crucial. Not so you can daydream and stare out of it all day – but the occasional people watch is okay! Mainly because the sunshine can really cheer you up, and the fresh air really helps when you’re cooped up all day.

Gemma (Senior Account Director)

I don’t have a desk so I have to work from the dining table. So every night, I pack up all my work things into a lovely box and put it away. It’s become a kind of ritual, morning and night, and not only does it keep things tidy, it also looks nice on the shelf!

Sal (Business Development Director)

I use an app (FocusToDo, click here to view) based on the Pomodoro technique of chunking your day up into small and manageable slices, and taking a break when your natural productivity & concentration starts to wane.

There’s an option to have a large red ticking clock on your screen to keep you on track. I like to imagine my computer exploding if I don’t get what I intended to do done, but other people might prefer to imagine a lovely cup of tea at the end of it.

Kim (Head of Planning)

Missing that background thrum of keyboards clattering, people talking, phones ringing, mice clicking or heels clopping? Check out this link on YouTube for some office ambience.

Or just put on a cheery playlists to puncture the lonely silence 😉

Jess (Group Account Director)

Try staggering household tasks throughout the day to make sure you get up and move more frequently (e.g. putting a washing load on, watering the plants, etc.). Oh and, prep as much of your evening meal as possible at lunchtime, giving you more time to relax and switch off in the evening.

Oh and, video calls over voice calls EVERY TIME – who knew facial expressions meant so much?!


If you don’t follow any of these tips remember this one thing.

Sometimes you just have to crack on as normal – and that one’s from our laid back guys in the creative studio.

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