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Hot Off the Line with Our Brand New Client Krispy Kreme!

It’s been difficult to stop celebrating our latest appointment by Krispy Kreme, but with exciting new flavours to try every month, there’s a lot to celebrate…

Not only is this the start of an exciting new working partnership but a rare good news story from the UK high street.

With 120 stores already established across the UK, the Krispy Kreme team have ambitious growth plans over the next 3 years so our team are really hitting the ground running with new store launches in the plan from March onwards.

Leading the team, Dawn Cain says “It’s great to be working on a retail success story putting our high street store launch experience to good use. We’re really looking forward to getting our teeth into the doughnut-shaped challenges coming our way this year.”

We are already off to a flying start according to Marketing Manager, Ed Jones, “Blue Chip has already delivered really good strategic thinking and some genuinely awesome creative and tactical outputs. It is clear to see they have excitement working on our brand, which is great.”

The first of the new store formats is set to launch soon with a jam-packed programme of activity created by Blue Chip.

Are you looking for ways to add a sprinkling of excitement to your store launches? We’ve got hundreds and thousands of sweet ideas to share. Call Ian on 0161 833 4300 for a coffee (and a doughnut, naturally). 

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