Blue Chip’s Summer Do Up North 2015: The Highlights

10th July 2015

Despite those of us North of the Watford Border enjoying (and we use that term loosely) a mixture of weather this Summer, the sun shone brightly on Blue Chip’s Summer Do Up North this year.

The team in Manchester were joined by our London colleagues for a day of fun, frolics and a feast on the beach in Lytham-St-Annes.

Dubbed the Blackpool Riviera (by us), Lytham is a former Champion of Champions in the National Britain in Bloom awards and is quoted by the Royal Horticultural Society as ‘one of the greenest, cleanest and most beautiful places in Britain’.

Not that anyone was paying much attention to begin with, as the morning consisted of us taking to giant inflatable hamster balls for a spot of falling over on water (aka Zorbing).

Only a positively Jesus-like Ben Blackbourn from Planning showed any aptitude for the activity, with everyone else requiring an atomic clock to record the time they managed to stay upright.

Lunch was then served at the delightful St Anne’s Beach Huts, with the BBQ overflowing with kofta kebabs, king prawn skewers, juicy pink burgers and spicy chicken breasts served up with a huge cooler of beers and wine. Notorious health aficionado and O2 account director Katie Palmer salivated from afar as she picked at an avocado salad she’d bought with her for the occasion.

The afternoon then saw some fierce armed combat between Operations Director Shelley Lunt and the Design Studio in a water fight from which most of the boys are still experiencing flashbacks.

Things finally settled down, with a really friendly (no honestly) game of rounders in which we all put ourselves to shame by being neither able to hit or catch the softball; but I guess that’s why we all chose a career in marketing and not sport.

All in all a thoroughly good day was had by all, even Londoner Jayne Edwards, who had seriously underestimated just how cold it can be oop north, even in blazing sunshine and with your beer coat on.