Rustlers Flamin’ Tasty Roadshow

About this project

How do you overcome deep-seated taste perception barriers amongst young adults crying out for delicious and quick meal solutions? By taking the ‘Flamin’ Tasty’ roadshow to relevant hangouts in test locations.

Our integrated campaign adopted a multi-layered approach. University campus mail-drops, database e:shots, a social media promotion and presence across key student-focussed websites raised awareness to an undergraduate audience.

A broader Gen-Z audience was also reached via Capital Radio sponsorship plus geo-fenced messaging around known Co-Op, Spar, Nisa, JS and Tesco stockists.

Finally, a free sampling campaign from the back of an ultra-cool fully-branded Airstream trailer really drove the taste message home.

Having sold out even in stores where stock had been upweighted, the campaign will be rolled out across the country soon.