Müller Rice Remix: Tasty B Bear

About this project

Müller launched Rice Remix with just 3 SKUs into a crowded fixture shopped by promiscuous consumers. How could they guarantee stand-out, trial and repeat purchase in a category in decline?

To get cut-through we knew we had to leverage the fame & fan base of Tasty B – the brand’s ultra cool ambassador. Anyone buying 8 twin-packs would be rewarded with a FREE top quality talking and rapping Tasty B Bear, designed and created by Blue Chip working with an overseas supplier.

Sales increased and claims for the bear ran at five times the industry average sparking an eBay bidding frenzy!

The campaign won three awards at the 2015 IPM Awards in the Foods (Silver)Trial & Awareness (Silver), and On-Pack Promotions (Bronze) categories.