Niche Marketing for O2 Capitalises On Importance of Polish Mother’s Day

10th May 2014

One of the key challenges O2 face when looking to increase international sim connections in the UK is how to appeal to a diverse range of niche markets in a way that’s going to get cut-through.

The answer lies in insight – finding a universal trigger within each community that can unlock a change in behavior.

One such example of this in action is about to go live  – our Polish Mother’s Day campaign.

Polish Mother’s Day is on 26th May, and it’s a big deal within the Polish community. Which means that every good son and daughter worth their salt will be phoning home.

O2 are capitalizing on this by rewarding new customers who top-up their international sim by a minimum of £10 with a 20% discount off flowers with Polish florist All orders can be delivered locally to their mum in Poland.

The offer will feature alongside 10,000 international sims being distributed during the promotional period.

Account Manager Kathryn Wilday comments: “This is a great example of niche marketing to drive connections, and is part of an ongoing push to target specific communities in the UK.”

The promotion goes live on 15th May 2014.