Genius Blue Chip Campaign Awards Shoppers £1,000 For Their Tips

18th August 2015

This September will herald the launch of a brand new on-pack promotion for number one household towel brand Plenty.

Created by Blue Chip, ‘Genius Tips’ sees shoppers have the opportunity to win £1,000 when they share their ideas on how SCA-owned Plenty can be used around the home.

Buyers will be invited to share their tips via an online submission process, with ideas being welcomed across the following categories: Kitchen, Bathroom, Garden, Car & Garage, Food, DIY, Kids, Pets, General Cleaning, Out & About.

These will then be available for public vote, with the top-rated tips in each category being submitted to an independent professional judging panel for a final review.

The winners will be those tips that score highest for originality, creativity, relevance to the Plenty brand, feasibility and are of most benefit to Plenty customers. 12 prizes of £1,000 will be awarded in total.

“In a category where shoppers are defaulting to an ‘all brands are good enough’ mentality, we need to remind them why Plenty is a more versatile, more superior household towel that’s worth paying a little more for,” says Blue Chip Account Director Jess Harper.

All participants in the promotion will qualify for a 30p coupon (30c in the ROI) off their next purchase.

The promotion is running across selected packs of Plenty 6-roll ‘The Original One’, Plenty 2-roll ‘The Fat One’, Plenty 4-roll ‘The Fat One’ and Plenty 6-roll ‘The Fat One’. Packs will start to be seen in market from the end of August, with submissions for tips being open from 31st August.

“We know that our consumers take pride in their homes,” says Brand Manager Holly Baron-Morgan. “By encouraging them to share their Genius Tips, and rewarding the very best, we not only get to demonstrate the versatility of Plenty, but also create advocacy for the brand on a peer-to-peer basis.”