Feel Fresh or It’s Free with Lights By Tena

12th January 2017

SCA brand lights by TENA have had a fresh start to the year with the brand’s first ever on-pack money back guarantee promotion.

The promotion sees shoppers have the opportunity to claim their money back if they do not 100% agree with the brand’s “Feel Fresh” claim.

The Feel Fresh™ Technology offers unrivalled freshness, and we wanted to show consumers we have 100% confidence in the product, endorse the product’s quality and encourage trial.

To claim their money back, shoppers simply have to send a minimum 15 word statement stating why they didn’t feel fresh, along with the original till receipt and barcode from the promotional packaging.

“We are delighted to see the Feel Fresh promotion has such fantastic standout on shelf which will no doubt drive awareness by increasing dwell time at fixture,” says Ian Morgan, Client Development Director of Blue Chip Marketing.

“In a category that needs to educate those in denial about bladder weakness, this promotion is a fantastic opportunity to facilitate trial and validate lights by TENA as the right product for this audience”.

The lights by TENA range, which is specially designed to deal with little leaks, will feature the promotion on 2.2 million packs until 30th June 2017.


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