Blue Chip Go On Strike to Win IPM Bowling Tournament

21st October 2015

This month saw Blue Chip crowned champions at the second-ever IPM Manchester Bowling Tournament.

Taking place at All Star Lanes in the city’s Great Northern Warehouse, a number of agencies from across the North West got BC Bowling Image 2together to battle it out and see who could take home the King Pin trophy.

Despite a notable no-show from the Studio’s Mat ‘Mean Strike’ Jones (who had a bit of a cold that badly affected his bowling fingers) we still managed to field two teams of six for the early rounds,

After much rolling, striking, and the kind of bouncing balls that would have made Barnes Wallis proud, it was down to the final bowl-off between Salford-based Zeal and ourselves.

Things kicked off with Jess ‘Big Balls’ Harper bowling first, racking up an immediate strike versus the competition’s measly three.  It was the opener we needed, and thereafter Frank ‘Glory Bowl’ Ralph, Gaz ‘The Goat’ Jones, Sam ‘Fletch Beats Pins’ Fletcher and Ben ‘Here For The Beer’ Blackbourn continued to build up the points.

It was Mike ‘The Bowling Stones’ Selby in whose hands victory rested as he stepped up to the line needing to score eight to seal the deal for the Blue Chippers. As the ball thundered down the lane picking off nine pins, it was all over bar the high fives – and a cheeky spare secured with the casually tossed second ball.

Big thanks go to Vic ‘GBC Bowling Imagereat Balls Of Fire’ McNaughton for organizing our involvement and giving everyone their unique bowling monikers. The trophy is currently sitting proudly in our garden room, and plans are already underway to ensure it continues to do so after next year’s event.

You have been warned, IPM’ers….