We Create Digital Proximity Campaign for Buxton

6th October 2015

When Buxton were looking for ways they could increase market share across three of their key accounts this Autumn, they came to Blue Chip for help.

We looked at how to create the biggest bang for their buck by leveraging out-of-home media opportunities which would encourage shoppers to buy into the brand whenever they were in close proximity to key stockists’ stores.

Research revealed that shoppers would be most influenced by the multi-functional consumption occasions for which Buxton’s SKU’s are relevant, including the gym, the office, the tube etc.
We then needed to build this insight into a strong shopper message that would move people to positive action, but would also sit within Buxton’s existing ‘Naturally Pumped Up’ positioning.

‘For Work Outs and Work Days’ was the resultant creative execution, delivered across digital ATMs and 6 sheets outside of stores, as well as on the London Underground and National Rail, where everyone’s thoughts naturally turn to the need for refreshment, especially when packed in like sardines.

“This was a simple but effective campaign borne out of insight” says Account Manager Harry Ryan. “By tapping into the mindset and missions of the shopper we were able to create a proximity marketing campaign with clear targeting and a clear call to action.”

The campaign kicked off on 5th October and is set to run on into November.